About me


HanlonBernadette Hanlon is Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning and Chair of the City and Regional Planning Undergraduate Program at the Ohio State University. Dr. Hanlon specializes in the political economy of metropolitan regions, focusing on issues of suburban transformation, housing conditions and demographic analysis. Her most recent book is a coedited volume, Routledge Companion to the Suburbs. She is also the author of three other books, Once the American Dream: Inner-ring Suburbs in the Metropolitan United States, Cities and Suburbs: New Metropolitan Realities in the US (with John Rennie Short and Thomas J. Vicino) and Global Migration: The Basics (with Thomas J. Vicino). She is also author of numerous articles in some of the leading journals in urban studies. Her work critically undermines a traditional model in urban studies of a declining urban core and a homogenous suburban ring, and offers a more nuanced picture of the metropolis, especially in light of city resurgence, suburban decline and suburban sprawl.